Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cheap vs $20 Per Pair Underwear: What's The Difference?

They say every man ought to invest in cars, shoes and suits, but is it possible to apply this same logic to underwear also? The men's underwear market is becoming a busy place especially at this time of the year. Although some men do not really pay attention to these garments, underwear is the closet garment to your body and that is why it is very important to know exactly what you are missing out for paying less attention to them. There are a lot of new different brands coming up in the market today. Some like Hanes are quite affordable and that is why most men like them, but is it really worth to buy expensive underwear like Calvin Klein or Derek rose which can cost from $20 to $25? are they worth your money? In this article, I'm going to discuss the main difference between the cheap and expensive underwear and why you should be buying better underwear.


Since we all wear them every single day, it makes sense for us to invest in them. The first thing that you will notice after wearing an underwear is the fabric. Typically, you will want it to feel soft when you touch it. That underwear should be breathable in order to allow air to get in and draw away moisture, plus it should retain its original shape, size and color. Most underwear ate made from cotton, but what varies widely is the quality of cotton. The cheap 3 pack underwear is made of basic cotton and they are not as soft as the $20 per pair underwear. The high quality underwear is made from good fiber that is more stronger, softer and durable than the cheap pack underwear.


I don't like putting on uncomfortable underwear. I cant deny I've had several in the past, but i vowed to myself not to buy them ever again. The best underwear should be "invisible" in a way that you are not distracted by what you're wearing; you should feel like you aren't wearing anything at all. There are several factors that contribute to this, they include:

Seam thickness & placement-Some cheap underwear might have a back seam that runs down the underwear which can be very uncomfortable especially when walking, sitting or running.Leg-opening tightness and elasticity-High-quality boxers are not too tight without constrictive leg opening to make it easier for you to wear. Cheap underwear has thick binding that makes it very uncomfortable.Contour and shape of the underwear-What contribute to a good underwear's shape is the front cut, supporting pouch as well as the general construction.Correct fit-Your underwear should be regular, medium or lower rise depending on your choice.

Fabric quality has everything to do with the durability of your underpants. The seams, bidding and stitching of your underwear will highly affect how long it can last. Fabric and the construction quality will determine how comfortable the underwear is and how long will it retain its actual shape. Cheap underwear can easily stretch out and fall apart, that is why i highly recommend the $20 per pair underwear because they are made from high-quality fabric and they don't shrunken easily.